Top 40 Treatments to Receive at a Medi Spa

Top 40 Treatments to Receive at a Medi Spa



  • CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It uses controlled cooling to target and freeze away fat cells in the treatment area. The body then naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells, leaving you with a slimmer and more toned appearance. CoolSculpting is a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn fat in areas like the stomach, arms, thighs, and chin. It requires no surgery, needles, or downtime, making it a popular choice for those looking to improve their appearance without the risks and downtime associated with other treatments.


  • CoolTone is a revolutionary new body contouring treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. It works by sending powerful magnetic pulses deep into the muscle tissue, causing them to contract and build strength. The result is increased muscle definition and improved body contours. In addition to toning the body, CoolTone can help improve overall muscle health, strength, and endurance. This non-invasive treatment is quick, painless, and requires no downtime. CoolTone can help you achieve a toned and sculpted body without the need for surgery or recovery time.

JuvaShape Skin Tightening

  • JuvaShape Skin Tightening Treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that can help you achieve tighter, smoother skin with minimal downtime. This innovative treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of your skin, which stimulates collagen production and helps improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.
  •  JuvaShape is a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, tighten loose skin, and improve the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is ideal for those looking to improve their overall skin health without having to undergo surgery.
  • JuvaShape can be used on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, and legs, and the results are often visible after just one session.

Wet Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • The wet diamond tip allows for the HydraFacial treatment serums to pass through the tip. They have combined the suction and hydration we crave from HydraFacials with the truly scrubbed clean feeling that comes from microdermabrasion. Once fully cleansed, the final steps to extract and hydrate leave your skin GLOWING!


  • Skincare products and peels are more readily absorbed after dermaplaning. This procedure is most often combined with any type of facial, However, it can also be done as a stand-alone procedure.
  • Dermaplaning uses a small, fine blade to gently and precisely “shave” away the outer dry, dead skin layers that can dull the complexion. Our highly qualified medical aestheticians have training in this delicate technique. This provides immediate renewal of the skin, and a reduction in the appearance of Fine Lines Wrinkles Acne Scars Surface Irregularities.

Hydrojelly Mask

  • The Hydrojelly mask forms a vacuum-like seal that compresses facial contours. Just sit back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes as your skin absorbs nutrients from the mask and becomes hydrated and refreshed, leaving glowing and radiant skin.

Chemical Peel

  • In a chemical peel, the top layers of skin are removed by applying a chemical solution to the skin. The skin that regenerates is softer. You might need to have a light or medium peel multiple times to obtain the desired results.

Ashiatsu Massage

  • Ashiatsu is originally a Japanese concept of deep tissue compression massage using the practitioner’s feet, rather than the hands or arms of the patient’s body. This process lengthens the strokes throughout and body promoting pain reduction, improved flexibility, and longer relief of whole body wellness. It improves your lymphatic drainage and overall well-being.

Diamond Glow

  • A next level, non-invasive resurfacing treatment containing 3×1 Technology: Exfoliation, Extraction, and Infusion. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s® patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.

Customized Facials

  • Facials are customized skin care treatments delivered by experienced aestheticians; these treatments are designed to maintain or improve your skin by determining and then addressing its unique needs, delivering the building blocks necessary for healthy skin.


  • The latest topical technology currently on the market for skin repair and healing. This topical agent contains more than 400 Growth Factors + Anti-Inflammatory properties while also including MicroRNA and MRNA for an accelerated healing process. Unlike PRP, Exosomes are PAINLESS, easy to use and have consistent results. When paired with any ablative procedure, they will speed up and improve recovery.

Lash Extensions

  • Eyelash extensions are semipermanent lashes that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes. Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions are glued on individually to your natural hairs, so they’re super customizable and actually look real.

Eyelash Lift and Tint

  • A keratin-infused fixing serum is applied, beginning the process of restoring the lashes and conditioning them. The tint is applied. Finally, a coat of pure keratin is applied to the lashes, which provides an extra layer of protein to strengthen and condition.

Eyebrow Wax and Eyebrow Tint

  • Applying semi-permanent color to your brows in order to enhance, shape, and define them is known as eyebrow tinting. The purpose of brow tinting is to, if feasible, match the color of your natural brows while creating the appearance of fuller, more emphasized brows.

Eyebrow Lamination

  • Similar to the well-known lash lift procedure, eyebrow lamination is practically an eyebrow perm. Both of these involve chemically altering the hairs to enhance what you currently have. For a bolder, more accentuated effect, the procedure is frequently combined with brow tinting.

Skin Tags

  • Acrochordons or Skin Tags occur when the body produces extra cells in the skin’s top layers. They tend to form in skin folds and areas where natural movement causes the skin to rub against itself.
  • This is thought to be due to hormonal changes and increased levels of growth factors. In rare cases, multiple tags can be a sign of a hormone imbalance or an endocrine problem. People with high resistance to insulin (the major factor underlying type 2 diabetes) are also more at risk.
  • Oceana Luxe is proud to be able to offer our clients a virtually painless and efficiently quick skin tag removal service. Schedule an appointment today with Salome Massey BSN RN or Amanda Trevino RN! We would be delighted to help you clear your skin.

Ozone Sauna

  • The first 3-8 minutes of your session, carbonic acid (CA) and steam moisten the skin and enter through pores into the blood stream. CA is one of the few compounds that increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level. Blood vessels and capillaries dilate, increasing blood circulation up to 25%. After the CA cycle completes, the ozone cycle begins. When ozone reacts with the water from the steam, it creates H202 which aids in destroying bacterial and yeast/fungal infections. At the end of the session, you are left feeling tremendously relaxed, and detoxified from impurities.
  • Reduces Inflammation Normalizes Hormone and Enzyme Production Improves Brain Function Relieves Pain, Calm Nerves Helps Weight Loss Improves circulatory flow throughout the body
  • Reported Benefits: Boosts Immune System Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Parasites Assists Natural Healing Removes Toxins & Free Radicals Improves bloodflow through Arteries and Veins Assists in fighting certain cancers

Vein Wave

  • When veins are too small for treatment by sclerotherapy injections, another treatment called Veinwave™ therapy may be used. This treatment has proven effective in treating tiny thread veins, telangiectasia and rosacea, which may not be treatable with other vein treatments.
  • Fine, thread-like spider veins measuring less than 3mm in size (similar to a strand of hair and too small for sclerotherapy) respond best to Veinwave™ treatment. The process involves using an ultra-fine insulated needle on the surface of the spider vein to deliver just enough heat to cause the vessel walls to collapse, but because of the insulation, the extra heat is not transmitted into the skin.


  • Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the spider or varicose vein. The sclerotherapy solution causes the vein to close, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades.
  • Sclerotherapy is often done for: Cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins The procedure can also improve related symptoms such as: Aching Swelling Burning Night cramps leg ulcers.

Airbrush Tanning

  • No-Orange Guarantee Hides Cellulite Camouflages Stretch Marks Gives an appearance of 15 pounds thinner Mood Booster Healthy for the Skin Streak Free Instant Gratification Customized Shades.


  • Massage therapy can provide a wide range of physical and mental health benefits, including reduced stress, improved circulation, increased flexibility, and improved range of motion. It can also help improve posture, reduce muscle tension, and reduce the risk of injury. Massage can also help reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In addition, massage therapy can help with digestive issues, reduce inflammation, and even boost the immune system.

Ashiatsu Massage

  • Ashiatsu is originally a Japanese concept of deep tissue compression massage using the practitioner’s feet, rather than the hands or arms of the patient’s body. This process lengthens the strokes throughout and body promoting pain reduction, improved flexibility, and longer relief of whole body wellness. It improves your lymphatic drainage and overall well-being.


420 Acne Laser

  • The Alma harmony utilizes its own proprietary pulsed light technology called Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT). AFT can improve inflammatory acne without the side effects associated with traditional acne medications. AFT converts unused UV light into the optimal spectrum for a range of treatment applications. Intense blue wavelengths destroy the P/ Acne bacteria without damaging surrounding tissue.


  • ClearLift can take years off your face in just minutes, providing similar results to chemical peeling and laser resurfacing. The treatment is virtually painless and has absolutely no downtime, making it the first laser treatment for sensitive areas of the body including hands, neck, decolletage and around the eyes.
  • The ClearLift tip represents the latest alternative to skin resurfacing and cosmetic surgery. For fine lines and wrinkles, scars and striae, sunspots and age spots
  • Facial Resurfacing On Your Lunch Hour! Virtually Painfree No Downtime Short Treatment Proven Safety For All Skin Color.

Cherry Angioma

  • Cherry angioma is the common name for small, red bumps on the skin that are usually circular, raised, and harmless.
  • Zapping it with pulses of concentrated laser energy allows the cherry angioma to absorb the wavelengths, generating heat and destroying the blood vessels without damage to the surrounding skin. The number of treatments you may need can depend mostly on the size of the spot.

IPL Photofacial

  • IPL Photofacial is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat skin conditions such as age spots, sun damage, rosacea, acne, and enlarged pores.
  • The IPL Photofacial is a non-invasive procedure that works by targeting specific areas of the skin with a broad-spectrum light. The light penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.
  • Benefits of IPL Photofacial include smoother skin, brighter complexion, fewer wrinkles, and improved skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method for treating unwanted hair that provides longer and faster results. Oceana Luxe Medspa is happy to offer Corpus Christi as well as other locales this state-of-the-art, virtually pain-free method for removing unwanted hair on many areas of both the female and male body.
  • Treats the:
    • Abdomen
    • Areola
    • Arm
    • Back
    • Body
    • Bikini
    • Brazilian
    • Brow
    • Buttocks
    • Cheeks
    • Chest
    • Chin/Upper Lip
    • Ear
    • Forehead
    • Face Full
    • Feet & Toes
    • Hands
    • Legs
    • Midline
    • Neck
    • Shoulders
    • Sideburns
    • Underarms

Tattoo Removal

  • Lasers remove tattoo ink with the energy of light: Effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black, blue and green)

360 Treatment

  • ClearLift, IPL, Resurfacing Laser 360 is our most advanced resurfacing laser treatment. It evens out your skin color and reduces tiny broken blood vessels. It firms up loose skin around your eyes, nose, and jaw, so you regain a more youthful, contoured appearance.
  • Laser360 treats all of these areas:
    • Forehead
    • Under the Eyes
    • Cheeks
    • Upper Lip
    • Chest
    • Neck
    • Around the Mouth


  • Radiance, clarity and smooth texture are the hallmarks of youthful skin. But over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll, leaving skin imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, pigmented lesions, uneven skin tone and skin laxity.
  • Alma’s skin resurfacing laser treatments rejuvenate mature skin, enhancing your patients’ natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.
  • The energy used by the device creates heat points or micro injuries in various depths of the epidermis. This energy can be light-based, like IPL or laser, Plasma or radiofrequency. These injuries are in many cases invisible to naked eye. They trigger the skin’s natural healing processes which include regrowth of young and healthy collagen and elastin fibers.

RF Microneedling

  • Radiofrequency microneedling is a non invasive treatment that remodels the skin from the inside out. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, collagen building from the inside out. There is no down time and when combined with Exosome application, speeds up the cellular healing infusing, groth factors and anti inflammatory properties. This procedure shows best results in a series of three, particularly if treating acne scarring or stretch marks.The treatment is a form of controlled skin injury. The damage stimulates the growth of healthy new skin.

Hollywood Facial

  • Despite being referred to as a facial, it is actually an advanced laser procedure. It is a slightly resurfacing and exfoliating process that helps to lessen the visibility of acne, pores, and fine lines. A layer of liquid carbon is spread across the face during the carbon laser peel.

PICO Rejuvenation

  • Most common skin flaws, such as sun spots and acne scarring, can be treated with pico laser technology, a non-invasive, non-surgical laser skin therapy. One of the most cutting-edge laser treatments now on the market is called pico technology.




  • BOTOX® Cosmetic is a neuromodulator prescriptive medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.


  • Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a naturally occurring substance that delivers volume to the skin. JUVÉDERM® is a long-lasting, non-surgical option that contains a modified form of HA.
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC : is for deep injection in the cheek area to correct age-related volume loss and for augmentation of the chin region to improve the chin profile in adults over 21.
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ XC, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC, and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC: are for injection into the facial tissue for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds.
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ XC is for adults over 21.
  • JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA™ XC: is for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral lines in adults over 21.
  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC: is for injection into the lips and perioral area for lip augmentation in adults over 21.


  • KYBELLA® is administered as a series of injections to the treatment area under the chin, destroying fat cells and producing gradual results. Everyone’s chin profile is different, so your physician will tailor the treatment to you. The number of treatment sessions will vary based on the amount of fat under the chin and your treatment goals.


  • Dysport is a natural-looking, fast-acting, long-lasting prescriptive neuromodulator injection proven to help smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows—without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face.


  • The Restylane line smooths away facial wrinkles and folds, provides subtle lip enhancement, smooths the lines around the mouth, and adds lift and volume to the cheeks.

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