Kysse These Lips

Kysse These Lips

No matter your lip goals, OceanaLuxe Medspa is here to help you accomplish them! We offer treatments that are as unique as you are, whether you want to enhance moisture, create symmetry and balance, or restore lost volume.

The days when lip filler was obvious and unnatural-looking are long gone. Over time, lip filler has seen tremendous change. Our focus at OceanaLuxe Medspa is on rejuvenating and enhancing the natural aesthetic of lips. We offer OceanaLuxe Hydrate and an OceanaLuxe Plump to achieve all your lip needs.

What changes do our lips undergo with age?

Not only does the color of our lips fade, but we also lose the precise boundaries and volume that we once had. This is brought on by a variety of circumstances, such as muscular atrophy and fat and collagen loss. Whether we smoke or not, talking, whistling, sucking out of a straw, and puckering all produce repetitive muscle actions that lead to the development of “smokers lines” around the lips.

At OceanaLuxe, we use hyaluronic acid fillers to restore and replace lost volume in and around our lips. Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid, so our tissues readily take the synthetic form. HA is a water-loving molecule that attracts water and adds hydration to any area we would like.

What can I expect at my appointment?

We provide topical and local numbing for your comfort! Numbing should wear off shortly after your appointment.

How long does it last?

Lip filler takes around 9-12 months to fully metabolize. However, the filler is gradually metabolized, so for upkeep, we advise touching them up every six months or so. This will lessen the effect of adding and removing volume on the market.

How quickly will you expect to see results?

Results can be seen right away! However, it’s important to note that bruising and swelling impact the overall appearance of your lips. We recommend that you decide not to love them or hate them for 2 weeks to allow for any swelling or bruising to completely subside.

If you are interested, book a consultation with one of our talented injectors at OceanaLuxe Medspa. A full facial assessment and customized plan will be made for you to address all of your skin care needs.

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